Start Using Zend Framework 1.11

Zend Framework is one of popular PHP Framework which mostly use for enterprise application. So it will be a little bit complex for the beginers. But don’t worry, I am a beginers to :). I assume that your server is the same with mine, it use linux/unix operating system and can be accessed by ssh/telnet.

Ok then, lets rock !

1. Get Zend Framework and prepare your site based on Zend Framework

We will get the latest zend framework ini minimal configuration , extract and rename it (I choose ZendFramework-1.11.9-minimal) to ZendFramework then place it under public_html directory (or you can place as you like).

# cd /home/username/public_html

# tar -zxvf  ZendFramework-1.11.9-minimal.tar.gz

# mv ZendFramework-1.11.9-minimal ZendFramework

We will use Zend Tools which located in ZendFramework/bin/, so we need to create an alias. You need to modify /home/username/.bashrc by add the text bellow at the end of file :


After you modify this file, you need to re-login. Now, every time You login, Zend tools is ready to use 🙂

Check your Zend Tools :

# show version

Zend Framework Version: 1.11.9

2. Create a ZF project (let say “zfstart”).

# cd /home/username/public_html

# create project zfstart

3. Create a symbolic link of your zend library to your project library directory

# cd /home/username/public_html/zfstart/library

# ln -s /home/username/public_html/ZendFramework/library/Zend

4. And finaly you will have zfstart project directory structure bellow:

5. Test your project


Then you should see like this bellow :

Congratulation !


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